When one of the less offensive moments in a comedy features Verne Troyer getting gang-banged by 1,000 transvestite chimpanzees, you know you’re in for, well, something. German cinemantagonist Uwe Boll—a director more proud of his detractors than his fans—knows most of America regards him with disgust or apathy. The first person shooter video game that inspired his latest movie gives him the chance to return the favor; surprisingly, the obese trailer park wife (Jodie Stewart), the use of a cat as a silencer, and decadent religious cult headed by Dave Foley and a cast of bimbos aren’t his invention. (Though the flourish of casting himself as a pedophillac Nazi filmmaker is all him.) Into this murky land of murderous cops, dolls shaped like testicles, and Osama Bin Laden (Larry Thomas) plotting jihad from a secret lair in a mini-mart wades Dude (Zach Foley), a loser in search of his inner Rambo. Twice as violent and half as funny as anything resembling a good movie, it’s still a hell of a ride as it coasts on the universal appeal of booing George Bush (Brent Mendenhall) and relishing the naughty catharsis of school children getting mowed down by machine gun fire.

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