The relaxing vapors of the sauna bind three over-stressed women in writer-director Kyle Schickner’s femmepowerment flick. Divorced mom Laurie (Ally Sheedy) flirts with her son’s hunky coach while battling an ex (Ron Bottitta) more evil than Snidely Whiplash; senior Doris (Ruby Dee) is so walled off from her son’s death that she can’t go to church, let alone receive the affections of a widower (Dick Anthony Williams); and pretty co-ed Elizabeth (Kate Siegel) has just spent her first night with foxy bi classmate Niala (Reshma Shetty, luscious for all genders), only to duck out for morning Mass with her right wing parents. None of the three bathers knows (or truly cares) about the other’s lives; the steam is an evanescent excuse to make a movie out of three under-developed stories. But while the acting and cinematography aren’t strong enough to redeem Schickner’s predictable melodrama, each of the leads has a crackup smile that keeps us more rooting for than heckling their latest personal disaster.

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