The New World

Their families think they’re unconventional, but longtime French couple Lucie and Marion are as normal as it gets: Lucie (Natalia Dontcheva) wants kids, Marion (Vanessa Larré) wants motorcycles. Eventually, Lucie gets her way and what starts as a comedy of double-edged support – Marion only chooses ugly dads for the insemination process – becomes a straight-up drama, complete with saccharine music. Dontcheva and Larré have an earthy chemistry; they don’t kiss much, but they lean on each other constantly. Ludovic Pion-Dumas and Catherine Touzet’s script plunders every 21st century, three-parent Unexpected-Drama-to-Expect-When-You’re-Expecting trope. There are plenty of hugs, but this pulse-reading of Parisian gay rights and acceptance stops shy of treacle. Managing to be obvious without being boring, and sensitive without being false or cloying, it’s the rare vitamin that goes down smooth as sugar.

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