Old Times

For six years, director John Pleshette has helped the Lost Studio’s ongoing Pinter Project keep Harold Pinter’s barbs (and infamous pauses) zinging around Los Angeles.  (In return, they’ve received several award nominations.)  Pooh-poohing the metaphysical debate usually haunting Old Times — a tensely mannered sex-and-power struggle between a husband named Deeley and Anna, his wife Kate’s college roommate and potential sapphic seducer — Pleshette insists “People have always taken this play too seriously…there’s singing in it.”  This staging is younger and sexier than most with a set that stars two great red beds.  Pinter’s 2003 Nobel award, outspoken politics, and brilliant insights are reason enough for the company’s dedication — but why else?  “He’s the most challenging and human of playwrights,” says Pleshette.  “And the great thing about him is that nobody’s right.”

Originally published in the LA Times

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