Pirate Radio

The Kinks. The Troggs. The Who. The Turtles. The main reasons to watch this grudgingly irresistible British comedy about the years that Ye Olde England banned rock and roll from mainland radio waves. (The same years that the U.K. was the king of it with crown princes The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.) Funded by posh rebel Bill Nighy, the biggest rock station took to the sea where the crew of music geeks broadcast tunes around the clock to kids, teens and adults who considered it their life blood. DJs Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Rhys Darby and gamboling young heartthrob Tom Sturridge, along with a dozen or so other dudes (and token lesbian Katherine Parkinson), clearly rocked their socks shooting the flick. And though it’s meandering, simple and underbaked, and content with a thinly-sketched mustache-twiddling Kenneth Branagh as the villain, their fun reverberates off the screen. We’ve been invited to their party, and it’s better than staying home.

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