Starmites: An Intergalactic Musical

In this astral, half-actor/half-puppet rock opera, the Starmites — a cross between Power Rangers and N*SYNC — are under attack from the evil Shak Graa (Matthew McFarland) who threatens to “debase, deflower, degrade and digest” inner space. Only earthling teen Eleanor (Natalie Storrs) can save the day — and luckily for man- and alienkind, she’s a comic book geek who’s already boned up on the backstory in Starmites issues 1 to 20,995. Barry Keating and Stuart Ross’ musical is slim on plot, but packed with ditties as Eleanor blasts off into space with the boys (Michael Joyce, Thomas Krottinger, Jonah Prior and Donald Webber Jr.) to wrest a magical weapon-instrument from the forest of the sexy space banshees (Jen Reiter, Riana Nelson, Jessica Perlman and Raquel Sandler). The technics are great, especially Phil Kong’s playful lighting design, and Diane Adams’ vocal arrangements flaunt the ensemble’s talents. But the songs carry on forĀ  longer than their repetitive lyrics hold interest, then carry on further through several reprises. Despite its skill, at two and a half hours long, it’s unconscionably long for a musical fueled only by charm. Even Eleanor’s feisty femmepowerment gets bogged down with a several-scene detour about finding inner beauty. The savior is Steve Edlund’s crisp directing and his enthusiastic cast — when Storrs rushed to the rescue at the climax, she thundered onstage with such purpose she accidentally kicked her shoe to the rafters and closed out the play barefoot.

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