Dirty Pooh

How does Zombie Joe’s Underground make A.A. Milne’s short story, “In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets Into a Tight Place,” NSFW? When Winnie-the-Pooh (John Byford) gets stuck in Rabbit’s (Catherine Weiss) hole, ZJU doesn’t mean ‘burrow.’ That’s the capper of four radically-reimagined tales from Pooh Corner — or should I say, the Pooh Corner Confessions. Writer Adam Neubauer and directs Amanda Marquardt have set a new high — or low — for fractured fairy tales: Christopher Robin (Lisa Younger) is a drunk, Tigger (Devavani Conroy) a sex fiend, Eeyore (Neubauer) a guyliner addict, and Piglet (Jonica Patella) is a pint-sized, tits-mad, manic masturbator who sticks a balloon of coke up her ass. As for Pooh, he’s so devoted to licking every last drop of honey from his beloved Hunny Pot (charming silent comedienne Jaclyn Ngan), I blushed harder than a 12-year-old watching a sex scene with his grandma. But Dirty Pooh doesn’t flinch. The cast and creative team are so do-or-die committed that you’d swear everyone in Pooh Corner had balls of steel — if their spandex outfits hadn’t already given you a good look. Go, but get a babysitter or prepare to answer even tougher questions than, “What’s a Tigger?”

Click here for Dirty Pooh in the LA Weekly

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