The Switch

Sorry tabloid readers. At no time in Josh Gordon and Will Speck’s insemination comedy does Jennifer “Womb Watch” Aniston growl, “Take that, Brad.” Though the sperm donor the single mom-to-be picks out makes Tyler Durden look like yesterday’s news—Patrick Wilson is golden and buff as an Oscar, and he’s both a rock climber and a gender studies professor—Wilson’s COD DNA is a slap to the groin for Aniston’s best friend Jason Bateman, a whiny, selfish hypochondriac who’s stunned—stunned!—that she doesn’t want his genes. And, oddly, Allan Loeb’s script (based on the short story by The Virgin Suicides author Jeffrey Eugenides) is Bateman’s tale, the inner struggle of a coward who knows he’s not good enough for the woman he loves. He’s not. Which makes The Switch an inverted romantic comedy where the lead probably shouldn’t wind up with his amour—and besides, after a drunken encounter with Wilson’s sperm cup, he’s already implanted her with his seed. The resulting child, played by six-year-old Thomas Robinson, has all of his pop’s worst traits and the physical comedy between the pair is enough to charm the ovaries. Bateman is unmoved—if he’s looking into a mirror, he doesn’t like what he sees. But he nails his character’s slow transformation from egotist to uncle to would-be daddy, and once his heart starts beating, we’d forgive him anything for a happy ending.

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